Thinking About Getting A Tattoo

How do I know if proper standards are being followed when I get my tattoo?

First, look around. Is the studio clean and professional looking? Appearances can tell you a lot. Then, ask questions.

A professional tattoo studio takes pride in its safe tattooing procedures and won’t mind answering your concerns.


What about inks and other materials used for tattooing?

All ointments, pigments, gloves, ink cups, razors, etc. used to apply your tattoo are discarded after use.

Nothing is reused. This eliminates any possibility of contamination of materials.

After the tattoo procedure has been completed, the work area surfaces are disinfected with an EPA approved veridical which kills any surface bacteria or viruses.


What does the term “single-use needles” for tattooing mean?

This means that every set of needles used to apply your tattoo are brand new. They are individually packaged, sealed, and autoclaved. An indicator strip on the package changes color when processing has occurred. After use, the needles are disposed of.

One needle, one customer.


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