After-Care for My Piercings

Can I remove the jewelry, even for a little while?

Do not remove your jewelry until your piercing is healed. Even then, the holes may close very quickly, especially in some piercings like the tongue. If you absolutely need to remove the jewelry for a short time (such as for surgery), come in and we can put in temporary nylon retainers.

Should I take vitamin supplements?

You may take vitamin supplements (C, E, and B-complex) to help the healing process.

How can I tell if I have an infection on my piercing, and what should I do?

The most obvious sign of infection is pus coming out of the piercing (although on tongue piercings, what looks like pus is often just plaque). If the pus is white, the infection is very minor. Use a strong antiseptic for just a few days. If the pus is yellow, the infection is a bit more serious. If a strong antiseptic doesn’t clear it up within a few days, come in and let us look at it. Green pus indicates a serious infection. Come in as soon as possible, and if you can’t do that, see a doctor. Whatever the case, do not remove your jewelry, as the holes may close around the infection, resulting in an abscess. Do not use ointments, such as Neosporin; they block air from circulating.

If I clean it more, will it heal faster?

Do not over-clean; over-cleaning will irritate the piercing and lengthen the healing time. Remember, it’s not your cleaning that heals the piercing. What you are doing is just making it easier for your body to heal.


What is this red bump?

A small ridge or bump of scar tissue looking a bit like a pimple or small infection is probably a keloid. Whatever you do, do not pick at them as this can make them bigger. There are a few things you can try to reduce them (what works is different for everybody): put vitamin E or aspirin on them; see a dermatologist for recommended medical techniques; reduce the jewelry gauge (although this is not always an option). Generally, a keloid appears because of irritation, so your goal is to remove the irritation. Catching keloids early is important in stopping them.

Who can I contact about questions or problems with my piercing?


If it is after hours or if you have a medical concern, please contact your doctor. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.


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